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Merchants to join
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Tel: 15822962228
Address: Lutai Economic Development Zone
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Cooperation Mode
Jia Deshi radiator authorizes the brand agency in the region where the partners are located, and the partners invest in full, set up specialty stores, conduct independent accounting, take responsibility for their own profits and losses, and take over our management and supervision in terms of image and operation.

Join Conditions
1. Have sales experience in building materials or similar industries or experience in building materials brand agency;
2. Have legal business qualifications and suitable independent storefronts as franchise stores, with an area of at least 20 square meters;
3. The storefront should be located in the main local building materials distribution center or large and medium-sized building materials city, and the decoration layout and product display should be carried out according to the company's specification requirements;
4. With the corresponding financial strength and social resources, regions above the county level can apply for distribution or agency to join.

Join Process
1. Contact us: fill in the application for membership in the message module or call 400-022-1015
2. Intention negotiation: determine the agency intention and comprehensive evaluation
3. On-site inspection: On-site visit to understand the strength and business ideas of both parties
4. Sign the contract: formally sign the agency agreement
5. System training: according to the actual situation of the partners, do systematic training